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Attolo FBAT16RD


Drive Motor – Fitted with an innovative rear-drive motor for high-traction power and improved driving dynamics, even on inclines and uneven ground. This model has dust and water jet protection features. Efficient, maintenance-free AC motors guarantee a longer battery life and the constant lubrication of the rugged independent drive gears, in an oil reservoir, ensure quiet levels of operation on top of years of problem-free forklift service.

AC Driving Controllers – A regenerative braking system increases the useful battery life, and AC traction and lifting technology improve reliability over longer shifts. The intelligent LCD display, which is fully programmable, alerts the operator, and forklift service engineers, to stored fault codes. This makes is easier to diagnose, service and repair this model.

Brakes – Maintenance-free brakes for safe, controlled stopping, with a motor brake that allows for regenerative slowing or halting when accelerating. The parking brake engages automatically for a more secure stop, even on uneven ground and inclines. The wet disc brake has a long service life to reduce maintenance.

Hydraulics – Smooth lifting and lowering, at rapid speeds, through a high-power hydraulic motor with exceptional levels of torque. Our forklift sales department can demonstrate the hydraulic system for customers in Crawley, Guildford, Horsham, Paddock Wood, Redhill and all surrounding Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas.

Steering System – On-demand power steering keeps battery consumption at low levels through a main hydraulic pump. This model has two drive motors to match the controller, and this provides a smoother steering experience across all angles. The system helps the forklift to turn, manoeuvre and accelerate, even from full turn start positions.

Mast – The mast comes in high-strength steel sections with rollers that deliver low deflection and superior rigidity. Behind-the-rail cylinders ensure an unobstructed view over a wider angle. Flow limitation valves handily regulate the lowering speed of the carriage in the event of a hose failure. I-section channels increase the overall strength of this forklift.


• Adjustable steering wheel over a large angle
• Ample driving space
• Rear-drive motor delivers tight space maneuverability
• Ergonomic control levers make operation easier
• Clear driver observation and nicely arranged instruments
• Large pedal space with handrails for safe entry and exit
• Comfortable, spacious seat with buffering
• Wide viewing angles through a large arc rear view mirror
• The wider view through the mast increases user efficiency
• Immediate shut-off using a close-to-hand emergency button
• Safety switch halts machinery when user leaves the seat


The ergonomic layout of key features, such as the drive and pump motors, the brake pedal, the oil pipes and footrest make it easier to perform a forklift service or repair work. Sideway battery removal makes changeovers fast and efficient. The inbuilt roller bed and side frame cover remove easily too for simple battery handling during multishift operations. Simple brake fluid reservoir access enables fast replenishment.

A brushless AC motor reduces maintenance and high-end AMP connectors stop contaminations from interrupting operation. Wires and cables fitted with protection to reduce faults. Rapid foot board removal makes access to the motor, and all other components, extremely easy.