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New Forklifts4 Wheel Electric Forklifts | Aufero FBA40 - 50

AUFERO FBA40, 45 and 50

Aufero FBA40


The FBA40, FBA45 and FBA50 four-wheeled electrics counterbalanced forklifts have the following features:

• Versatile usability built around compact design
• Minimal operating space required
• Compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability
• Long wheelbase enables stationery and corner stability
• Economical operation and minimised maintenance costs
• Enclosed three-phase motor with high efficiency degree


Controller – New full-dotted LCD multi-display on the steering column improves visibility and makes the configuration more accessible. Convenient functions include battery level indicator, forklift operator records and password entry. LCD display shows travel speeds, has a battery discharge indicator and gives important information pertaining to different situations.

The high-frequency controllers have powerful MOFSET electronics and a state-of-the-art microprocessor. These features control forklift movements precisely, and deliver high energy efficiency, low noise levels, sensitive inching, powerful acceleration and regenerative braking.

The new controller has inbuilt diagnostics and an advanced communications system with all electronics housed in the chassis body to preserve them and to protect against damage.

Drive Train – The AC power systems on these forklifts guarantee the fastest response to an operating command and accurate power control, all with compact components that reflect quality of build. Because the AC motor has no contacts or brushes, this minimises forklift service and repair costs. A revolutionary design enhances performance to a level where the operator will see discernible differences compared to other makes and models.

Operators Compartment – Users from the Crawley, Guildford, Horsham, Paddock Wood and Redhill areas, and those across the region, can test a range of features through our sales department at any time:

• A low, non-slip step for safe, comfortable access
• Ergonomic design also allows for a safe and easy exit
• Adjustable steering column and seat for added comfort
• Hydraulic levers mountable on scuttle or battery side
• Two strong grab handles fitted
• Clear footwell and well-placed pedal for larger feet