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Forklift trucks are not an uncommon sight on building and construction sites throughout the UK, including in Heathrow. Often used to move materials from one area to another, they make heavy-lifting quicker, easier and safer for workers.

Reasons to Use a Forklift in Heathrow for a Construction Project

Many construction companies use forklift hire when they need this type of machinery, or invest in forklift sales to keep a permanent forklift. Training is essential for all operators of this type of machinery, something which Gatwick Forklifts offer as part of our professional forklift service.

5 Reasons to Use a Forklift in Construction

Since the first type of forklift truck was invented in the late 19th Century, forklifts have been used across many different industries, most prominently in construction. Whether opting for a temporary forklift hire service or buying a truck on a long-term basis, there are countless benefits for using a forklift for in construction. Below, we’ve provided 5 reasons.

1. To prevent heavy lifting injuries

Lifting and moving of materials is often needed on a construction site, but regular lifting by workers can result in injuries such as back sprains, pulled muscles and spinal injuries. Using forklifts greatly reduces workplace injuries caused by heavy lifting. However, clients in Heathrow and the wider South East must understand that forklift operating does not come without its own hazards. Appropriate forklift training must be undertaken and health and safety policies strictly followed at all times.

2. Increases productivity

A huge advantage of forklift sales and forklift hire machinery, is the greater lifting and loading capacities. Using a forklift service, such as purchasing our Hyundai Diesel Counterbalance Forklift with 1.5 to 25-tonne capacities, allows operatives to carry and move large volumes of materials and items. This increases workplace productivity and helps construction companies in and around Heathrow, to meet project deadlines.

3. Low maintenance machinery

With the right forklift training in operating and maintenance, forklifts will last a long time without the need for extensive maintenance repairs. If you have purchased or hired a truck via our forklift sales, our expert technicians will be happy to provide advice on maintaining your vehicle. Forklift service inspections, maintenance and safety checks are important to keep your machinery operating efficiently.

4. Can navigate narrow spaces

Forklifts are designed to navigate tight and narrow areas, making them ideal for most construction sites. One of the most compact trucks we offer as part of our forklift hire service is the 1 to 5-tonne Electric Counterbalance Forklift. Its compact design enables work to be carried out quickly at smaller properties and commercial sites in the Heathrow area. We have many more compact models for hire and in our forklift sales collection.

5. Hundreds of options

Today, there are hundreds of options of different forklift models and our clients can find one perfectly suited to a specific construction project from Gatwick Forklifts. As part of our forklift service, our experienced technicians can offer advice about vehicles to suit your project, budget and requirements. If your operatives in Heathrow or elsewhere in the surrounding areas need forklift training, we also provide training courses and certificates approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) board.

To find out more about our forklift service, forklift sales or forklift training in Heathrow, please call 01293 831 300. We serve the whole of the South East.