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A forklift requires regular maintenance by experienced operators with forklift training. See below for more information.

How to Maintain Your Forklift in Paddock Wood and the Nearby Areas

Clients in Paddock Wood and the local South East areas can rely on our qualified forklift service team to carry out repairs and servicing for forklift hire and forklift sales vehicles, which is covered under warranty. Learn more about how to examine your forklift for an improved performance and a longer life-span.

Forklift Maintenance Tips

1. Forklift Tyres

We recommend that Paddock Wood operators inspect their tyres on a regular basis, which is an important part of their daily routine. This also applies to forklift hire vehicles and any brand-new or used forklift sales trucks once they arrive at your property. Check the tyre pressure and ensure they aren’t underinflated or overinflated, which can cause accidents when transporting loads at sites with rough terrains or steep inclines. Underinflated tyres cause poor traction, while overinflated tyres can explode on impact. To help our Paddock Wood clients further, our forklift service includes forklift training schemes which cover equipment examination techniques, in compliance with health and safety regulations.

2. Oil Changes

The oil in your forklift hire or forklift sales truck should be changed every 3 months. By replacing the oil, Paddock Wood operators will benefit from a simple way to improve the performance and longevity of their forklift vehicle, which increases its fuel economy and helps to prevent any combustion problems occurring. Any servicing or repairs should be carried out by a member of staff with the necessary forklift training.

3. Antifreeze Levels

Low levels or a lack of antifreeze can cause the components of your forklift to overheat or freeze. If you are about to handle heavy loads, be sure to inspect the antifreeze reservoir of your forklift hire vehicle beforehand. Low levels may be the result of leaking reservoirs or radiators. The forklift training schemes included in our comprehensive forklift service will help beginners to conduct relevant checks and maintenance duties, in addition to refresher courses which are ideal for staff members with some forklift experience.

4. Forklift Brakes

Brake pads and callipers are prone to damage from regular usage, in addition to the brake fluid which will need to be replaced to avoid hazardous situations. Paddock Wood clients can rely on our forklift sales and hire team, which include engineers who adhere to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) when carrying out servicing and inspections.

5. Electric Forklift Batteries

If you operate an electric forklift hire or forklift sales vehicle, you will need to ensure the battery has enough water in it to function properly. We advise that Paddock Wood operators examine the fluid levels after at least five charge cycles. There needs to be enough fluid covering the plastic battery element for an optimal forklift performance. Our forklift service includes replacing traction batteries, which our company specialises in.

6. Maintenance and Servicing Under Warranty

Once your forklift has undergone a thorough examination by an inspector with accredited forklift training, Paddock Wood clients will be issued with a LOLER certificate and report, highlighting the work that has been carried out and what needs to be actioned. Clients should take advantage of their forklift sales warranty, as well as forklift hire insurance, to request any essential repairs for long-term benefits.

For a professional advice about forklift hire services in Paddock Wood and the surrounding South East areas, call 01293 831 300.