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New ForkliftsPneumatic Diesel Forklifts | Revelo FDR140-9, 160-9 and 180-9

RELEVO FDR140-9, FDR160-9 AND FDR180-9

Relevo FDR140-9

Drive Axle:

• Heavy duty master reducer
• Wheel end reducer
• Open cam brake
• Air pressure driving brake
• Spring energy storage parking brake


• Multistage torque converter
• Big converter ratio
• Auto adjust speed to a wide range
• Stable and smooth shift
• 2 stage forward and 1 stage backward
• Easy operation and maintenance

Steering System:

Features a tiltable lifting and lowering steering component with adjustable height and angle.

Hydraulic System:

• Multiple unit valve and hand operated lever connected through a flexible shaft
• Load sensing hydraulic system
• Double pump supply
• Dynamic load sensing priority valve reduces non-work power consumption and hydraulic oil temperature


• Cummins turbocharged 6 cylinder engine
• High performance and low oil consumption
• Low speed high torque with great power reserve
• A large capacity cooler for oil and water over a large cooling surface area provides abundant cooling capacity

Lifting Assembly:

Featuring a double wide mast with increased torsion resistance, a wide view for the operator and standard forks that can be adjusted by hand. Cylinder adjustment is optional.

Overhead Guard:

Whole full-floating type, connected with 4 point rubber shock absorbers, the tilted structure is easy for the operator to enter and exit with a wide space for operators legs and a compact steering column and steering wheel. Cab is optional.