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Forklift Sales in Crawley | Health and Safety Regulations in Training and Use

When it comes to forklift hire, adhering to current industry regulations is the best way to ensure safe use in the Crawley area. Whether for commercial or industrial purposes, it is essential to operate our vehicles safely, and responsibly, to avoid potential hazards, personal injury or damage to property.

As a reliable and trustworthy company, our entire team at Gatwick Forklifts, including our forklift sales and forklift hire experts, comply with UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) legislation. This helps us deliver an unrivalled forklift service of the highest quality.As part of our commitment to keeping customers and their property safe, we offer comprehensive forklift training for anyone interested in courses throughout Crawley.

This page highlights some of the hazards and pitfalls of improper operation, which you can avoid by signing up to our forklift training sessions.

Manoeuvring and Blind Spots

Whether you purchase a vehicle from our forklift sales team, or you are interested in short-term forklift hire, we offer novice to refresher forklift training courses. This gives our clients in Crawley time to familiarise themselves with the controls until they feel confident in operating our vehicles. Unlike most vehicles, a forklift truck has rear-end steering to enable tight turns and manoeuvring. When turning the truck around, however, the back of the vehicle requires more clearance than the front.

Manoeuvring and transporting heavy loads often results in blind spots, which can put operators and colleagues at risk of injury.

Our dedicated forklift training instructors help you to feel confident in safely reversing a forklift whilst keeping aware of your surroundings, particularly when moving large or heavy materials.

Forklifts Tipping Over

There are several reasons why tipping may occur, such as driving or turning too quickly, unsteady loading and overinflated tyres. To reduce the risk of tipping, customers around Crawley who are interested in forklift sales or forklift hire should always carry out inspections before each use, including checking the tyres, battery and oil levels of a truck. It is also essential to ensure the secure loading of any materials, and to not overload the forklift.

Among other things, our forklift training courses teach operators in the Crawley area how to avoid overloading their vehicles and how to manage their speed.

Injuries in the Workplace

For all forklift sales and forklift hire models, we supply ergonomically designed vehicles that maximise the comfort and safety of an operator. Features like adjustable seating, suspension steering, protective seating compartments, heating, air conditioning and even cup holders provide a pleasurable driving experience. This helps to alleviate the physical stress, fatigue or over-exertion that an operator might otherwise experience, which may in turn prevent accidents from occurring on your business premises in Crawley.

We supply brand-new and pre-owned trucks in a range of models. Whatever your needs and budget, our forklift sales or forklift hire departments can help you decide on the perfect vehicle. The right model can optimise your forklift service experience and improve overall efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Compact battery combi-lift trucks, for example, can fit down narrow aisles, serving as a front and side-loading forklift for longer, heavier materials. Diesel forklifts, on the other hand, possess engines for enhanced performance, which can tackle rougher terrains and steeper inclines than most other models.

As part of our responsible forklift service, we train operators to stay aware of potential hazards and, if necessary, on how to make emergency stops or evasive manoeuvres to avoid accidents in the workplace.

Incorrect Use of Safety Attachments

Some of the attachments that come with our forklift sales or forklift hire models include jibs, rotators, cartons, drums and paper-roll clamps. As each attachment can alter the vehicle’s clearance with extra weight, length and width, it is often necessary to compensate by reducing the overall loading capacity.

We advise customers in Crawley with an interest in purchasing or hiring from our forklift sales department on the safe use of attachments. The extra weight of such items can impact the stability of a truck and may result in tipping.

Forklift Training

Whether operating one of our forklift sales or forklift hire vehicles at work, Gatwick Forklifts wants its customers in the Crawley area to remain safe and protected at all times. This is why we offer forklift training courses for beginners and for experienced operators alike, as part of a forklift service for both rentals and purchases.

Please contact us for more information on our forklift hire scheme, which includes maintenance, servicing and safety inspections to ensure the high performance of trucks, and to prevent potential accidents.

We are qualified to issue Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) certificates, which meet the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER).

On all forklift sales and forklift hire services, we carry up to £10 million in public and product liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind.

For forklift services, including forklift training courses, around Crawley and the surrounding South East area, call 01293 831300.