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Forklift Services and Forklift Sales in Leatherhead | New or Second-Hand Models vs Forklift Hire

Gatwick Forklifts has provided commercial and industrial clients in Leatherhead with a quality forklift service over many years. Based in Three Bridges, we operate across Surrey and the surrounding South East region. For over two decades, our forklift sales and forklift hire departments have supplied high-performance machinery to a range of different businesses. We also offer professional forklift training for operators with all levels of experience.

Our forklift training courses enable companies and operators to comply with current safety regulations. If you are wondering whether to buy through our forklift sales team, or to take out a forklift hire contract, this page looks at both available options to help you reach the right decision.

For further information, or for advice about our forklift services in Leatherhead, please contact us on 01293 831300.

The Benefits of Forklift Sales

While the initial cost of buying a forklift is greater than opting for short or long-term forklift hire, it often works out as a more cost-effective measure in the long run. With careful handling and a regular forklift service, a new model can last for up to ten years. This spreads out the cost of your initial investment over a full decade of use.

There are many benefits available to our Leatherhead customers when they purchase a new or second-hand model from our forklift sales team.

Some of these benefits include:

  • New models handle longer hours of use compared to well-used and slightly older forklift hire machinery
  • We offer a full warranty on all Nexen forklift sales, and other brands, covering several thousand hours of usage
  • Owning a forklift maximises productivity to save time on contacting forklift service companies for hire contracts
  • Our instructors hold forklift training courses to teach operatives how to use the specific models you buy
  • By owning forklift machinery, companies in Leatherhead area add further stock assets to their infrastructures
  • We sell new and second-hand forklifts at competitive prices with finance options to make payment easier

The Benefits of Forklift Hire

Although purchasing a new or second-hand model from our forklift sales team may have its benefits, we are aware that all companies have different needs and budgets. If your Leatherhead business only requires the use of a forklift for a day or a week, buying a new or used model makes no economic sense. Likewise, if you do not have the budget for a purchase, hiring a vehicle can still help in increasing output and productivity while your business grows.

There are many advantages of forklift hire, including:

  • Hiring a forklift is ideal for companies with short-term requirements and the need for flexible forklift services
  • Forklift hire contracts save on investment for businesses with low daily usage or seasonal usage requirements
  • Hired trucks undergo in-house safety checks and scheduled forklift service inspections to keep them operational
  • With Gatwick Forklifts, forklift hire periods range from 24 hours to 6 years for all clients in Leatherhead
  • We supply a wide variety of forklifts, from electric to diesel-fuelled trucks, including the Nexen range.

Whether you choose to buy through our forklift sales department or simply wish to arrange a short-term forklift hire contract, we can still give your operators the best levels of forklift training so they can use our trucks safely and efficiently.

Gatwick Forklifts offers forklift training courses, ranging from 3-day novice sessions to 1-day refreshers, to operatives in or around the Leatherhead area. Successful candidates gain a full understanding of how to operate counterbalanced forklift sales or forklift hire machinery. We also teach operators, and the companies they work for, about the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

We split forklift training into practical and theory units.

Ours is a complete forklift service rarely found in our region, and one that benefits our customers and clients in Leatherhead in many different ways.

Pallet Racking

Gatwick Forklifts can supply businesses in Leatherhead and the surrounding areas with a pallet racking installation service in a choice of styles. We fit warehouse, narrow aisle, mobile, dynamic, drive-in and adjustable racking or, if you feel that your business has specialist requirements, we can arrange for you to have a bespoke installation designed and installed.

Use us on a supply-only basis if you prefer.

We supply the racking, anti-collapse mesh systems and locking pins. Clients also have the option to use us for wide aisle, high bay, pushed-back and powered mobile pallet racking.

For professional forklift services, including forklift sales and hire in Leatherhead at the region’s most competitive prices, call 01293 831300.