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Forklift Sales in Reading | Buy or Hire a Forklift from the Nexen Range

We are Gatwick Forklifts, a market-leading company from Three Bridges, near Crawley, with forklift sales and forklift hire services available in the nearby Reading area. We supply our commercial and industrial clients with forklifts from major brands like Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Artisan and Warrior, but it is our passion for the Nexen range of models which has helped our company grow into a sales and hire specialist.

We also offer a choice of related forklift services.

You can book your personnel in for forklift training at our facilities near Crawley, or we can send out an instructor to your premises in Reading. Gatwick Forklifts also specialises in the installation of pallet racking systems for storage.

Here, we look at why we choose the Nexen brand.

Nexen Forklifts | For Sale or Hire

We choose Nexen to support our range of forklift sales and forklift hire services because they have one of the broadest selections of models on the market. Suitable for all working environments, clients can customise trucks with options and attachments to suit their needs, or they can benefit from a faster delivery time by ordering ready-to-use units.

We provide a supporting forklift training service in Reading so that operatives can familiarise themselves with our trucks.

Our forklift service covers the purchase or hire of trucks for each of the following workplaces:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Cold Stores
  • Zero Emission Areas
  • Indoor Operation
  • Outdoor Operation
  • Agricultural Use
  • Retail and Supermarkets

Nexen forklift trucks can carry loads of up to 5000kg and we also train operatives how to use the latest models with a variety of pallet racking systems, including warehouse, narrow aisle, mobile, dynamic, drive-in, adjustable and bespoke.

As a part of our larger range of forklift services in Reading, we offer flexible forklift sales or forklift hire solutions to tie in with your budget. Clients can buy or hire anything from a single truck to an entire fleet at competitive prices.

Servicing, Maintenance and Repair

Whether you need a forklift to manoeuvre heavy items around the workplace, or if you want to buy or hire a truck to load pallet racking systems in your storage facilities, Gatwick Forklifts is here to help. So that clients have total faith in our forklift sales and forklift hire services, we can further assist you by keeping your fleet serviced and operational.

With the backing of Nexen, we can supply clients from Reading with parts support so they can service, maintain and repair forklifts in line with the current manufacturer specification.

Our forklift training includes maintenance awareness.

As for the rest of our forklift services in Reading, we are as flexible as you need us to be. Gatwick Forklifts is a trusted, reliable and progressive company where our ultimate objective is to provide every service you need from under one roof.

Call 01293 831300 to learn more about forklift sales, hire and training, anywhere in the Reading area.