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Forklift Service in Tunbridge Wells | Finding a Suitable Sales or Hire Model

Gatwick Forklifts is an independent business with over 20 years of experience in the forklift service industry. Located in Three Bridges, we help customers and clients through a dedicated forklift sales department, and we also assist them in the securement of forklift hire contracts. Choose from a full range of new and pre-owned models. Our company also provides forklift training for operators in the Tunbridge Wells area through its own instructors, onsite or offsite.

Please contact us to ask about a quotation, to receive friendly expert advice, or to book in for one of our onsite or offsite forklift training courses.

We help customers in Tunbridge Wells to find equipment that best suits their business needs and their budgets.

Forklifts Explained

The design of a forklift truck enables operators to perform heavy lifting work quickly, safely and efficiently. Having existed for well over 100 years, forklifts are now commonplace inside a range of industries around Tunbridge Wells and, of course, throughout the world. Modern forklift machinery comes with an ergonomic design to suit the needs of the operator and the working environment.

Our forklift sales and forklift hire departments help customers in Tunbridge Wells to find compact models for navigating narrow aisles in warehouses, and heavy-duty trucks for carrying substantial loads across factories, construction sites and uneven terrain. We can also provide operators, novice or experienced, with forklift training on all company purchases or hire vehicles.

This is all a part of a complete forklift service that very few of our competitors in Tunbridge Wells, or the surrounding South East region, can match for depth or professionalism.

A forklift truck consists of the following parts:

  • Forks – Fitted to the carriage of the forklift, this is the attachment that carries the cargo
  • Lift – The hydraulic lift powers the mast to push it in the desired direction safely
  • Mast – A vertical assembly at the front of the truck, enabling operators to raise, lower and tilt loads
  • Backrest – Acts as another point of contact for the load to prevent slipping and damage
  • Overhead Guard – An important safety feature that protects the operator from falling objects
  • Counterweight – Fitted at the back of the vehicle, this helps to offset the weight of the load
  • Engine/Battery – The power sources for fuel-operated or for diesel-run forklift vehicles
  • Cab – Open or enclosed cabs seat the operator and house the controls for the truck

Forklift training courses teach new operators about the different features of any model purchased through our forklift sales department, or on a forklift hire contract.

Forklift Sales and Forklift Hire

There are several points to consider when buying or hiring a forklift. As an experienced company specialising in forklift services, we know that making choices built around individual needs and specified budgets will be a priority for most customers in the Tunbridge Wells area.

If you are unsure about which model to choose, think about the following questions:

  • Which tasks do you need our forklift services for?
  • How much weight do you need the forklift to lift?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need a new or used model from our forklift sales range?
  • If renting, how long do you need forklift hire for?
  • Will operators need forklift training to use a specific model?

Professional Forklift Training

Whichever make or model of forklift you decide upon, make sure your operators have the necessary training to control it safely. At Gatwick Forklifts, we hold professional forklift training courses for operators in and around the Tunbridge Wells area, approved by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) as well as the HSE.

We offer the following training as part of our complete forklift service:

  • Novice Course
  • Experienced Driver Course
  • Refresher Training Course
  • Conversion Training Course

Forklift sales or forklift hire, we have Tunbridge Wells covered as a friendly, reliable company that can accommodate the needs of you, and of your business, without compromise.

Pallet Racking

Gatwick Forklifts can supply businesses in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas with a pallet racking installation service in a choice of styles. We fit warehouse, narrow aisle, mobile, dynamic, drive-in and adjustable racking or, if you feel that your business has specialist requirements, we can arrange for you to have a bespoke installation designed and installed.

Use us on a supply-only basis if you prefer.

We supply the racking, anti-collapse mesh systems and locking pins. Clients also have the option to use us for wide aisle, high bay, pushed-back and powered mobile pallet racking.

Call 01293 831300 to buy a new model from our forklift sales department, or to arrange forklift hire for commercial needs in the Tunbridge Wells area.