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Gatwick Forklifts are an independent business with 20+ years’ experience in the forklift service industry. Based in Horley, we provide forklift training and equipment to clients in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding Kent areas.

Hire a Forklift in Tunbridge Wells | Finding a Suitable Forklift

Our professional technicians offer a wide range of forklift hire options, as well as manage forklift sales of new and second-hand models. Contact us today for a free quotation and friendly, expert advice.

We help our customers in Tunbridge Wells and the wider South East regions, to find the most suitable forklift service and equipment for their job.

Forklifts Explained

Forklift trucks are designed and built to enable operators to perform heavy-lifting jobs quickly and efficiently. They are a major tool used in many industries in Tunbridge Wells and throughout the UK, having been around for over 100 years. Modern forklift service vehicles come in a wide variety of sizes and designs, from compact models ideal for transporting goods in a warehouse to heavy-duty trucks built for moving loads across construction sites.

Some of the main parts that make up a forklift include the following:

Forks – Key feature of the forklift that carries the cargo and is attached to the carriage.
Lift – Hydraulically powers the mast to push it in a certain direction.
Mast – Raised support positioned vertically, that allows loads to be raised and lowered.
Backrest – Acts as another point of contact for the load, to prevent slipping and damage.
Overhead Guard – An important safety feature, providing the operator protection from falling objects.
Counterweight – Fitted towards the back, counterweights are used for offsetting the load.
Engine/Battery – Every forklift needs a power supply, supplied by batteries or an engine.
Cab – Open and enclosed cabs are where the operator sits to control the forklift. Training is required to be able to safely control a forklift hire or forklift sales vehicle.

Selecting Forklift Hire & Forklift Sales Machines

Before hiring or buying a forklift, there are a number of things to consider. When one of our customers in Tunbridge Wells or elsewhere in the South East is unsure about which forklift to go for, we recommend they ask themselves the following questions:

1. What sort of task do you need a forklift service for?
2. How much weight do you require the forklift to be able to lift?
3. What is your budget and would be it more cost-effective to buy new or second-hand from forklift sales?
4. How long do you need forklift hire for?
5. Do you or your operators have forklift training to use a certain model?

Professional Forklift Training

Whatever make or model of forklift you decide on, make sure your forklift service operatives are fully trained to use it. At Gatwick Forklifts, we provide professional forklift training courses for our clients in and around the Tunbridge Wells area. All courses are approved by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and HSE accredited.

We offer the following training schemes:

• Novice Course
• Experienced Driver Course
• Refresher Training Course
• Conversion Training Course

Whether forklift hire or a new model from our forklift sales is best for you, call Gatwick Forklifts today on 01293 831 300. We serve Tunbridge Wells and rest of the South East.