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To effectively reduce accidents relating to forklifts in the workplace, operatives must have the appropriate forklift training and be familiar with the vehicle they are manoeuvring. Our forklift service is widely used for transporting heavy goods, an operation that does come with its hazards.

Forklift Training in Croydon | Safe Forklift Manoeuvring

Operating forklift hire and forklift sales machines without the property training can lead to serious injuries, property damage or fatalities.

We recommend to our clients in Croydon and the surrounding areas, to ensure operatives undertake regular refreshment training.

On this page, we have provided six top tips for safe forklift operating. For more detailed information about manoeuvring machines safely, arrange to have forklift training with our fully qualified instructors at Gatwick Forklifts. Based in Horley, we offer a professional forklift service to domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the Croydon area.

Top 10 Tips for Safe Forklift Use

1. Whether you have a forklift hire vehicle or brand-new machine from our forklift sales, your vehicles should be well-maintained and thoroughly inspected regularly.
2. Operators should use the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard-hats, safety shoes and a hi-visibility jacket.
3. Forklift machines should only be used and managed by operatives with the appropriate forklift training and authorisation.
4. When operating a forklift, ensure you are correctly positioned in the operator’s cab and the controls are all within easy reach. Where a seatbelt is provided, it should be used.
5. Arrange a daily inspection and a periodic forklift service for your vehicle. Along with forklift hire and forklift sales, we offer servicing and maintenance in the Croydon area.
6. Before manoeuvring a forklift, ensure the mast is tilted back and the forks stay in the position of 10cm – 15cm above ground during travelling.
7. Stick to designated speed limits when operating a forklift and travel slowly, with care, when turning or going round bends to avoid tipping over.
8. Ensure operatives know how to spot and avoid hazards, something in which we cover in our forklift training courses. Hazards can include spills, holes and bumps.
9. If visibility is obstructed, always have a lookout to signal when it is safe to proceed.
10. Remember to lower the fork arms to the ground when leaving the forklift unattended.

Our Forklift Service – What to Expect

At Gatwick Forklifts, we provide professional forklift hire and forklift sales for customers in Croydon and the surrounding areas. Based in Horley, we cover the whole of the Surrey, Kent and Sussex regions. Clients can expect from us:

• A professional and client-focused service by industry experts
• Forklift training courses taught by instructors with 25 years+ experience
• Fully insured company with public and product liability cover for up to £10 million
• Free estimates for any forklift service at very competitive prices
• Major brands stocked including Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Artisan and Warrior
• Complete warehouse fit-outs, in compliance with SEMA standards

Looking for forklift hire vehicles, new forklift sales models or second-hand machines in Croydon? Call Gatwick Forklifts today on 01293 831 300.