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Forklift Hire in East Grinstead | The Importance of Ergonomics in our Services

At Gatwick Forklifts, we carry a huge stock selection of forklift sales and forklift hire vehicles, suitable for commercial and industrial sites in all East Grinstead areas. Located in Three Bridges, we cover the whole of the South East region. Our professional forklift services include maintenance and repairs, forklift training for operators, warehouse design and warehouse fitouts. We specialise in three-wheeled, four-wheeled and rough terrain forklifts from Nexen.

Nexen forklifts have ergonomic designs which meet current industry safety standards.

When using a forklift truck, ergonomic design benefits the wellbeing of the operator. Although you may not think sitting on a moving vehicle will have too much effect on the body, spending a long time in an awkward position, using repetitive movements and dealing with vibrations, can impact health.

To reduce the risk of health problems, it is important that we only supply machines through our forklift sales and forklift hire departments that come designed with ergonomics in mind, and that operatives from the East Grinstead area receive the right forklift training to benefit in full from the Nexen range.

Our combined forklift services reduce accident risks, time spent off work and employee turnover to increase overall business productivity.

Forklift Sales and Hire | Ergonomic Features

Operator comfort is central to all forklift services at Gatwick Forklifts. We stock the latest models so that our customers in the East Grinstead area can always find a perfect match to suit their needs. Extensive research into ergonomic science during recent years has led to a greater insight into product design. This has resulted in the manufacture of state-of-the-art forklifts with many improved features.

Look out for the following enhancements:

Adjustable Seats

Multi-position adjustable suspension seats help operators to find a comfortable position tailored to the shape of their bodies. Seat positioning also enhances visibility for safer manoeuvring and transporting. Our forklift sales and forklift hire departments show East Grinstead customers how to adjust different elements of their vehicle at the point of sale, and as a part of our forklift training courses.

Book in for a forklift service or for maintenance work, and we’ll always check the seating to make sure the ergonomics stay true to the manufacturer’s design.

Reduced Vibration

Whole body vibration (WBV), caused by operating forklift trucks without an ergonomic design, can result in various health problems including musculoskeletal disorders. To reduce the risk of health issues, vehicles should not exceed certain levels of vibration. Thankfully, manufacturers are now producing more forklift models than ever with operator comfort in mind and a significantly lower capacity for vibration. Our forklift sales and forklift hire departments can advise you on machinery for use on all terrains at business properties in East Grinstead.

Forklift training teaches operators to adjust seats to their most comfortable and efficient positions, leading to optimised use that reduces the risk of vibration-related health problems.

Reduced Noise Output

To benefit our customers and clients in the East Grinstead area, our forklift services include the supply of machinery that uses advanced technology for quieter operation. Not only does this benefit the hearing health of the operator, but it also makes communication in the workplace easier, thus improving overall safety. This has obvious benefits for all personnel, reducing the risk of hearing-related problems and the potential for accidents.

Forklift training covers all potential hazards encountered in working environments so that you, and your operators, can play important roles in developing a culture of safety.

Improved Visibility

Better visibility is another key ergonomic feature in our forklift sales and forklift hire vehicles. Adjustable seating, steering and pedals enable operators to find the optimal position for all-round comfort and visibility. This results in safer manoeuvring and less strain on the operator. All models supplied to workplaces in East Grinstead have ergonomic designs which maximise operator comfort and safety.

Our battery and diesel models have masts built around visibility and safe loading. Take a look at the new and used forklifts in our range, or you can call us now on 01293 831300 to discuss our supporting forklift services and forklift training courses in more detail.

Pallet Racking

Gatwick Forklifts can supply businesses in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas with a pallet racking installation service in a choice of styles. We fit warehouse, narrow aisle, mobile, dynamic, drive-in and adjustable racking or, if you feel that your business has specialist requirements, we can arrange for you to have a bespoke installation designed and installed.

Use us on a supply-only basis if you prefer.

We supply the racking, anti-collapse mesh systems and locking pins. Clients also have the option to use us for wide aisle, high bay, pushed-back and powered mobile pallet racking.

Call 01293 831300 for forklift sales and forklift hire services in East Grinstead. We also hold forklift training courses, either onsite or offsite.