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At Gatwick Forklifts, we offer a huge selection of forklift hire and forklift sales vehicles for domestic, commercial and industrial work sites in East Grinstead. Based in Horley, we cover the whole of the South East.

Forklift Hire in East Grinstead | The Importance of Ergonomics

Our professional forklift service includes flexible hire contracts and reliable forklift training for operators. We specialise in forklift models manufactured by Hyundai, which come with a 3-year warranty and covers 3,000 hours of usage. Each machine meets high safety standards and is ergonomically designed.

Proper ergonomics when using a forklift truck is essential for the health of the operator. Although you may not think sitting in a moving vehicle will have much effect on your body, in fact sitting in an awkward posture, using repetitive movements and dealing with machine vibrations, can impact your health. It is important to use machines designed with ergonomics in mind and to ensure operatives have the right forklift training.

A comfortable operator means reduced turnover and increased productivity.

Forklift Sales – Ergonomic Features to Look Out For

Operator comfort is central to our forklift service at Gatwick Forklifts. We stock the best models to ensure our clients in East Grinstead and the surrounding areas, find the best solutions for their needs. The extensive research that has gone into ergonomic science in recent years, has led to better insights into product design and new forklifts are manufactured with a number of improved features.

Look out for the following enhancements:

Adjustable Seats

Multi-position adjustable suspensions seats help the operator to find a comfortable position tailored to their body. It also enhances visibility for safer manoeuvring and transporting. Our forklift service specialists can show East Grinstead clients how to adjust different elements of their vehicle, through efficient forklift training.

Reduced Vibrations

Whole body vibration (WBV) caused by the operating of forklift hire or forklift sales trucks, can result in various health problems including musculoskeletal disorders. Certain levels should not be exceeded and thankfully, many forklift models are now manufactured to reduce vibration levels significantly. Forklift training is important, so operators know how to adjust their seats so that they are in a better position, will help to reduce health risks also.

Reduced Noise Output

To the benefit of our clients in East Grinstead and the wider South East areas, many new machines use advanced technology for quitter operations. This is advantageous not just for the hearing health of the operator, but also make communicating in the workplace easier, improving safety.

Improved Visibility

Another key ergonomics feature used for many modern forklift hire and forklift sales vehicles is better visibility. Adjustable pedals, seating and steering, enables the operator to adjust their position for all-round visibility. This means safer manoeuvring and less strain.

All the forklift hire and forklift sales models we supply to our clients in East Grinstead, are ergonomically designed to keep operators comfortable. These include the 1 to 5-tonne Diesel Counterbalance Forklift with adjustable suspension seats and the Hyundai Battery Electric Counterbalance Forklifts with improved stability and ZAPI electric controllers.

Take a look at our New Forklifts page and Forklift Hire page to find out more about the forklift service we provide.

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