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Forklift Sales in Slough | Sales and Hire for Construction Projects

Our forklift services extend far beyond factories, warehouses and storage facilities. Forklift trucks have also become commonplace on building and construction sites in Slough and throughout the UK. Primarily used to move heavy objects from one place to another, forklifts make lifting quicker, easier and safer for workforces. A growing number of local and regional construction companies purchase new or used machinery from our forklift sales team, or take out a forklift hire contact, to fulfil their onsite requirements.

As part of our professional forklift service, we also offer comprehensive forklift training courses – onsite or offsite.

Our experienced instructors help operators, and companies in the Slough area, to learn more about the safe and competent control of lifting machinery in full compliance with current safety regulations.

Reasons to Use a Forklift in Construction

Since the invention of the very first lifting platform in the late 19th Century, forklifts have become a popular tool across many different sectors including the construction industry. Whether opting for a temporary forklift hire service, or when buying a truck on a long-term basis through our forklift sales service, there are countless benefits to using our machinery.

Some of the most common reasons to use our forklift services on construction projects in Slough include:

1. Preventing Injury

Lifting and moving heavy materials is a frequent requirement on construction sites. Workers engaged in regular lifting can develop problems like back sprains, pulled muscles and spinal injuries. Using a forklift reduces workplace injuries caused by heavy lifting. Customers and clients in Slough should understand, however, that operating a forklift presents its own potential hazards.

It is essential for operators to attend an accredited forklift training course, and for them to follow current health and safety policies at all times.

2. Increase in Productivity

A huge advantage to using forklift sales and forklift hire machinery is the greater lifting and loading capacity. Using a forklift service and purchasing a Nexen diesel counterbalanced model with a suitable capacity allows operatives to carry or move heavier items with ease. This increases workplace productivity and helps construction companies in Slough to meet their project deadlines.

Forklift training and learning how to use machinery on a construction site in the right way also helps productivity.

3. Machinery Maintenance

With the right forklift training, and with a regular forklift service and maintenance schedule, some models can last for up to 10 years. If you purchase a truck through our forklift sales team, or if you take out a forklift hire contract instead, our technicians will happily provide advice on maintaining your machinery, and our instructors will provide your operators with beginner, intermediate and advanced forklift training.

We can attend sites in Slough, or at our own premises in Three Bridges in Gatwick. It is important to perform a regular forklift service to keep your machinery operating efficiently.

4. Ability to Navigate Narrow Spaces

As part of our forklift service, we offer a variety of compact machinery, all of which can navigate tight and narrow areas. Equipment available from our forklift sales department includes smaller electric counterbalanced forklifts. A compact design enables fast and efficient lifting across construction sites in the Slough area with restricted access.

We also have compact models available as part of a forklift hire contract for customers who prefer to rent machinery.

5. A Wide Choice of Options

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different forklifts to choose from. To complement our professional forklift services, our experienced technicians will offer advice to help customers find a vehicle that suits their individual needs and their budgets. If the operatives at your construction site in Slough require forklift training, we also provide courses and issue certificates approved by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This is forklift sales and forklift hire at its very best, and great news for construction companies in all South East areas.

To find out more about forklift sales, forklift hire or forklift training in Slough, call 01293 831300.