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Forklift Hire in Sittingbourne | The Benefits of Forklift Training

With more than 8,000 reported forklift-related injuries in the workplace each year, it’s essential to give your staff the training they need to maintain a safe working environment. Gatwick Forklifts offers numerous forklift training programmes, suited to newcomers and more experienced operators alike. Our qualified instructors can help staff at Sittingbourne businesses to better understand the use of machinery, reducing the risk of personal injury and damage to property over the longer term.

Our company, a forklift sales and forklift hire specialist, focuses on improving efficiency, safety and productivity for businesses across Sittingbourne and the South East. Our instructors hold comprehensive training sessions as part of a detailed forklift service that very few of our local competitors can match.

On this page, we outline some of the key reasons to contact us for professional forklift training.

The Prevention of Accidents

The use of forklift sales or forklift hire machinery can be extremely dangerous, especially under a novice without the proper knowledge and experience. Not only does this pose a hazard to personal safety, but it also endangers co-workers in the immediate vicinity. Business owners in the Sittingbourne area trust us to coach their staff in the safe use of equipment through forklift training courses, and they go on to recommend our wider forklift services to other companies because of our meticulous safety-focused approach.

Forklift training from dedicated instructors can also help your business to comply with current health and safety regulations.

Key areas covered in our forklift training courses include:

  • Operating forklifts safely in tight spaces and in narrow corridors
  • Managing pallets for the safe loading and unloading of stock
  • Manoeuvring forklifts on inclines and rough terrain without incident
  • Inspecting the condition of forklifts to ensure they are safe to use
  • Refuelling, lubricating or replacing oils and fluids as needed

The increasing popularity of the “no win – no fee” claim culture makes it necessary for employers to take steps which ensure the safety of employees. Our forklift services help you to fulfil responsibilities in the workplace and protect your Sittingbourne business from personal injury compensation claims.

Using us for forklift sales and forklift hire is about so much more than the machinery itself. We’re here to help you maintain a culture of safety in any working environment.

Improved Efficiency

There are numerous negative effects to long-term manual labour, such as back pain and fatigue. Businesses in Sittingbourne that employ staff to engage in regular heavy lifting may find it difficult to retain personnel over time, or to keep them 100% motivated during working hours.

Our forklift sales team supplies the latest models on the market from Nexen, and our company offers the same machinery on forklift hire contracts. This helps you to reduce the impact of manual labour on employees whilst simultaneously providing the equipment staff need to carry out lifting duties.

When coupled with our forklift training courses, as approved by the Road Transport Industry Training Board, forklifts enable staff to engage in heavy lifting without putting themselves at risk of harm or fatigue. Our forklift services not only eliminate those worrying aches and pains for your employees, but they also lead to quicker turnaround times across a wide range of tasks.

Increased Productivity

It will not surprise prospective customers from Sittingbourne to learn that operating forklift sales and forklift hire equipment safely will increase overall productivity. Further to this, our forklift training courses also focus on teaching your operators how to select and utilise the best attachments for different tasks. We supply the machinery and the attachments you need as part of a complete forklift service that very few of our rivals can emulate.

Load raw materials onto production lines at a faster rate with drum and storage bin tippers, transport suspended loads with booms and jibs, or stack and retrieve objects at height with elevated work platforms and cages.

Our forklift training programmes make your employees aware of the versatility of a forklift truck, whilst teaching them how to operate a variety of attachments to make their job easier, faster and safer.

Forklift services in Sittingbourne also help to eliminate the inconvenience and the cost of damaged stock, saving you time and money over the longer term. As an independent business with over two decades of experience in forklift sales and forklift hire, Gatwick Forklifts always has the machinery you need, supplied to you at an affordable price.

Whether you opt for short-term forklift hire or invest into a fleet of new vehicles, our forklift training courses improve the efficiency, productivity and safety of your business.

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