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The Complete Forklift Service in Surrey | Forklift Sales, Hire and Training

At Gatwick Forklifts, our forklift services display a commitment to current industry best practices. As a responsible forklift hire company, we have comprehensive insurance cover and every member of our team has the training required to understand, and to comply with, the latest safety regulations for our sector. Whether they wish to purchase state-of the-art machinery from our forklift sales stock, or need advice on a short-term forklift hire contract, customers in Surrey know that we continuously strive to meet the highest of standards.

We also help our customers and clients to meet HSE directives by holding forklift training courses, onsite and offsite, which focus on safety in the workplace.

This page discusses forklift safety in more detail for the benefit of businesses and organisations in all Surrey areas.

Forklift Health and Safety

There are 8,000 reported injuries in UK workplaces, related to forklifts, every year. These incidents make up a quarter of all workplace transport accidents, ranging from sprains and soft tissue injuries to fractures and fatalities. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of forklift sales and forklift hire machinery at premises in Surrey. The employer must provide operators with professional forklift training in compliance with HSE requirements.

Forklift training courses are a great investment for commercial and industrial clients in Surrey. This vital forklift service improves workplace safety, efficiency and productivity.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)

It is a legal requirement that employers in all Surrey areas, and those throughout the UK, follow the above regulations. When it comes to the safe use of forklift sales or forklift hire equipment, these regulations clarify the steps an employer must take to ensure full legal compliancy.

Some of the most relevant points include:

  • All operatives who use, manage or supervise lifting equipment must receive appropriate onsite or offsite forklift training from a qualified instructor.
  • Machinery must undergo a regular forklift service and inspection. Maintenance of forklift sales and forklift hire vehicles keeps them in a safe working condition.
  • Employers must introduce health and safety measures for operating forklifts, such as emergency stop controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) for operators.
  • Companies in Surrey and the South East region must supply operators with appropriate information on using the models purchased for use in their workplaces.

Please contact us for more information regarding PUWER, or to find out more about the range of models we can supply to you as a part of our forklift service.

Forklift Training Courses

As well as supplying forklift sales and forklift hire services, we also specialise in forklift training for operators in Surrey and the South East. Our courses have approval from the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and include theory-based units, practical demonstrations, training exercises and assessments. Our experienced course leaders teach operators, novice or skilled, to safely operate the following machinery:

  • Counterbalanced forklifts, suited for manoeuvring rough terrains and transporting loads up to 5,000kg
  • Reach trucks and side-loaders, designed for use in narrow aisles and cramped warehouse spaces
  • Telehandler or telescopic handler trucks, using pallet forks to manage construction and agricultural loads
  • Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP) including scissor lifts and cherry pickers
  • Articulated, bendi-trucks and flexi-trucks with provisions for pivot steer training

Candidates in and around Surrey will also learn how to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Regulations as part of their forklift training. These regulations refer to the health, safety and welfare of all personnel in the workplace, covering sections such as the general safety duties of employees at work.

Coupled with forklift sales and forklift hire, training courses form an integral part of a complete forklift service that very few of our competitors, local or regional, can match for depth, professionalism or its client-focused approach.

Call 01293 831300 for forklift sales or forklift hire advice. We also offer professional forklift training to operators in the Surrey area.