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Here at Gatwick Forklifts, we specialise in forklift hire vehicles, warehouse design solutions and forklift training courses for clients in Dartford and throughout the Sussex area.

Forklift Service in Dartford | Signs Your Forklift Might Need Replacing

With over 20 years of industry experience, our team of technicians has gained a huge amount of knowledge in all areas of forklift service standards and operations. This includes knowing when to turn to new and used forklift sales to replace a worn an in-efficient model.

4 Signs Your Forklift Truck Needs Replacing

To run an efficient business or project, it’s essential to keep the equipment you use in a safe and cost-effective working condition. Poor equipment is not only a hazard in the workplace, but it will also decrease productivity and likely cost you significant money in the long-run. All too often, clients in Dartford and the wider South East come to our forklift sales team to replace forklifts much later than is ideal.

Most models, if maintained correctly, can last 10 years or more. This depends on the frequency of use, type of forklift hire/sales vehicle, if the operator has the right forklift training to operate it and how often a forklift service is scheduled.

Unsure if your forklift needs replacing? Here are four common signs to look out for:

1. When repairs and maintenance become costly

The more a forklift is used the more frequent it will need maintenance and repairs. Over time you may notice that parts of your truck, such as the hydraulics system, need replacing or repairing frequently. When the cost for repairs and maintenance begins to outweigh the cost of purchasing a new forklift, it has no economic value. As experts in forklift sales and servicing, Gatwick forklifts can help you calculate the cost of maintaining your existing machine in comparison to obtaining a new one. We also specialise in forklift training.

2. After it reaches 10,000 to 12,000 hours of use

Planning to replace a forklift when it reaches a certain age, such as 10 years, is one way to keep a scheduled replacement plan. However, a better way to determine the economic benefit of a forklift is how frequently the machine is used. Most forklift models have an expected economic lifespan of around 10,000 to 12,000 miles. This will vary depending on what the forklift is used for, how it is used and the conditions of the work environment.

3. Your forklift is often out of action

Some forklift downtime is inevitable as it will need maintenance, a forklift service or repairs from time to time. But when your machine is out of action more than in use, investing in a new model via forklift hire or by purchasing one throughout forklift sales, makes more sense. Inefficient forklifts will only take up space in your building and reduce productivity.

4. Health and safety protocols are compromised

If a forklift is worn or it’s parts start malfunctioning, this can cause a serious hazard in the workplace. From the brake failing to the fork breaking, broken forklifts put operators and anyone else in the surrounding area at risk. In order to prevent accidents and to keep in line with your health and safety protocols, all machinery must be kept in good condition with a regular forklift service and replaced if repairs are not beneficial. As part of our forklift training courses in Dartford, our experts will provide training on the latest HSE regulations.

Working with forklift trucks means adhering to certain health and safety regulations. Not only does this make operating your forklift much easier, it ensure the safety and welfare of both your machines and your employees. However, when dangerous malfunctions occur they can compromise your health and safety protocols. If these happen too often, your forklift truck will be deemed unfit for purpose and you’ll need to find a replacement. It’s better to get ahead of the situation to ensure you’re not left without one for a few days whilst you make the swap. It will also ensure the safety of your working environment, and those in it.

Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of your forklift and ensure its efficiency. Whether you have a new forklift hire truck or a second-hand forklift sales machine, we recommend organising a scheduled maintenance plan and annual forklift service. Serving clients in Dartford and the wider South East, Gatwick Forklifts offer a Thorough Examination. This is a Regulations 9 requirement outlined by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

As well as providing vehicle inspections, we also offer RTITB approved forklift training schemes, to help your operators adhere to the latest safety and maintenance policies.

Thinking of replacing your forklift? At Gatwick Forklifts, we provide a wide range of forklift sales and forklift hire vehicles for clients in the Dartford area. Call us on 01293 831 300.