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If you need advice from our forklift hire or forklift sales team, we can recommend the ideal vehicle for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes at properties in Guildford and the surrounding areas of Heathrow, Surrey, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex.

Electric Forklift Hire in Guildford and the South East

Our professional forklift service provides forklift training and warehouse fit-outs to assist our clients in learning and adapting their business to use state-of-the-art machinery, whilst complying with up-to-date health and safety codes. This includes choosing the most versatile, high-performance forklift vehicle on the market.

Benefits of Electric Forklift Vehicles

Low Maintenance

In comparison to a gas-powered forklift, an electric model doesn’t run on oil, pistons or spark plugs, however, electric components do experience general wear and tear as they age. Electric forklift sales or finance leases are cost-effective solutions for commercial and industrial clients in Guildford to own a vehicle because of the little maintenance work involved. If you choose to rent a forklift instead, any servicing that needs to be carried out during a forklift hire period will be included in our competitively priced forklift service.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Major-brand manufacturers continue to improve their environmentally-friendly standards with modern forklift designs, which has seen an increase in forklift sales. Our forklift service provides trucks for purchase, which Guildford clients can invest in for long-term use, or flexible contracts from 24-hour forklift hire to annual rentals. Operating electric forklift vehicles will reduce your carbon footprint as these models produce lower emissions and are powered by a renewable source of energy.

Fast and Efficient Performance

The electric forklift sales and hire models we provide can be powered to a maximum of 80 Volts or 600 to 700 Amp-Hour for optimal use. The electric counterbalance forklift can also transport 5-tonne capacities, with loads weighing up to 4,990kg. This is ideal for heavy lifting in a safe and efficient manner. To help your workforce adapt to electric vehicles, our forklift training courses include theory and practical tests for operating common, modern machinery, approved by the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Compact Forklift Designs

If you’re searching for small, compact models, Guildford clients can choose from our forklift hire or forklift sales items for easy access at sites with restricted space. This is particularly ideal for manoeuvring narrow aisles at warehouses and storage facilities. Forklift training techniques will help beginners and staff members with some experience to operate small, electric forklifts, getting to grips with tight-turns, manoeuvrability and spatial awareness.

When our team carries out brand-new warehouse fit-outs for clients in Crawley, Guildford, Horsham, Redhill, Paddock Wood and the South East, this comprehensive forklift service will help new starters and workers requiring refresher forklift training to operate a compact model. Our warehouse fit-outs are installed with an electric, compact forklift and BS EN ISO 9000 certified products, approved by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA).

Our Electric Forklift Hire Vehicles

At Gatwick Forklifts, our Guildford clients can benefit from Electric Counterbalance Forklift hire vehicles, with 1 to 5-tonne capacities. In addition to our rentals, our forklift sales stock regularly includes a range of brand-new and pre-owned Hyundai Battery Electric Counterbalance Forklift models, which can hold 1.6 to 5-tonne capacities.

Hyundai’s AC Control BT forklift series uses the same ergonomic design for a safe and comfortable operation. Their benefits include:

• ZAPI high-frequency electric controllers provide smooth steering and an Anti-Rollback system for improved stability
• Guildford operators will be protected against high voltage power and overheating
• Electric forklifts help technicians to identify any issues by recording faults codes
• These forklifts are highly-adaptable, easy to operate and can be configured for any purpose
• Our forklift service specialists can carry out forklift repairs quickly and efficiently, in addition to on-site forklift training for new starters at your Guildford property
• Compact designs mean these forklift models can manoeuvre small or narrow passages around properties and commercial sites in Guildford and the surrounding South East areas

If you require a forklift service which offers electric forklift hire or sales vehicles in Guildford and the surrounding South East area, call 01293 831 300.