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Forklift Training and Forklift Hire in Guildford | The Benefits of Electric Power

At Gatwick Forklifts, our forklift sales and forklift hire departments are always on hand to recommend the right machinery to customers in the Guildford area. Whether used for commercial or industrial purposes, our professional forklift service includes finding you a make and a model to suit your needs and your budget. We also hold comprehensive forklift training courses, and we specialise in warehouse design and fitouts. This helps our customers and clients to incorporate forklifts into their business setups, and to learn how to operate them safely.

Our company has over 20 years of experience, specialising in all aspects of forklift sales and forklift hire. Our work with warehouse design is very much the icing on the cake.

Whether buying new or second-hand machinery through our dedicated forklift services, we often advise customers in Guildford to consider going for an electric model.

The benefits of electric forklifts include:

Low Maintenance

In comparison to a fuel-powered forklift, an electric model doesn’t run on diesel so there is less major engine wear to consider. Electric components do experience some wear and tear as they age, but not to the extent as a model that uses diesel. Electric forklift sales and finance leases offer a cost-effective solution to commercial and industrial clients in Guildford who want to own machinery that needs very little in terms of maintenance work.

If you choose to rent through a forklift hire contract instead, we carry out forklift service and repair work during the rental period on all electric models.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Major manufacturers improve their technology to comply with changing environmental standards, and this results in an increase in forklift sales from companies which also have to comply with new legislation. Whether you wish to purchase a vehicle from our forklift sales department, or if you need us for one-off or periodic forklift hire, our forklift services provide customers in the Guildford area with a range of cutting-edge electric trucks with innovative features.

Electric forklifts operate on renewable energy sources and produce fewer emissions than fuel-powered alternatives to reduce your carbon footprint. We offer forklift training for all electric models in our range.

Fast and Efficient Performance

Electric forklift sales and forklift hire models reach a maximum of 80 Volts or 600A to 700A per hour for optimal use. An electric counterbalance forklift can transport loads weighing up to 4,990kg. This is ideal for heavy lifting in a safe and efficient manner. To help your workforce adapt to electric vehicles, our forklift training courses include theory and practical tests for operating common modern machinery.

We hold courses at workplaces in Guildford, or at our own premises in Three Bridges. Our forklift training courses have approval from the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Compact Forklift Designs

If you work on a site with restricted access and limited space, we have a range of compact forklift sales and forklift hire models to choose from. Compact electric trucks are perfect for customers and clients in the Guildford area who need to manoeuvre heavy items through narrow aisles and navigate confined spaces, especially in smaller warehouses and storage facilities.

Our forklift services include the recommendation of machinery suited to your business operations.Our forklift training helps beginners, and more experienced operators, to handle these smaller electric forklifts confidently and safely.

Electric Forklift Sales and Hire

Gatwick Forklifts helps Guildford customers to benefit from electric counterbalanced forklifts with 1 to 5 tonne capacities. Our forklift sales department can supply a range of new and pre-owned battery-operated electric counterbalanced forklift models from Nexen, all of which also come supplied as part of a forklift hire contract should you prefer to rent.

We tailor our forklift services around models which use ergonomic designs for safe and comfortable operation.

Benefits include:

  • High-frequency electric controllers provide smooth steering. Anti-rollback systems improve stability
  • The latest designs protect operators from high voltages and the risk of overheating
  • Supporting forklift services and repairs, with onsite forklift training for operators at Guildford premises
  • Electric forklifts help technicians to identify any issues by storing recoverable fault codes
  • These vehicles are highly adaptable, easy to operate and offer versatile configuration parameters
  • Compact designs mean these forklift sales and hire models can manoeuvre in small or narrow spaces

At Gatwick Forklifts, we have the experience, the knowledge and the product range needed to meet the most demanding conditions. We can supply electric counterbalanced models from Nexen through our forklift sales and forklift hire departments, and we hold forklift training courses tailored to your purchase or rental.

This is the complete forklift service, and one that we provide for customers in Guildford on a truly personal level.

Pallet Racking

Gatwick Forklifts can supply businesses in Guildford and the surrounding areas with a pallet racking installation service in a choice of styles. We fit warehouse, narrow aisle, mobile, dynamic, drive-in and adjustable racking or, if you feel that your business has specialist requirements, we can arrange for you to have a bespoke installation designed and installed.

Use us on a supply-only basis if you prefer.

We supply the racking, anti-collapse mesh systems and locking pins. Clients also have the option to use us for wide aisle, high bay, pushed-back and powered mobile pallet racking.

Call 01293 831300 for forklift services in the Guildford area. We specialise in forklift sales and hire for the Nexen electric range.